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"Malcolm's ability to capture the energy, flow and emotions of an event with his camera is extraordinary. Every time we look at our wedding day photos, we relive the many elements of that amazing day. Each one of Malcolm's journalistic style photos poignantly shows the beauty and emotions of our event as it unfolded. He managed to encapsulate people in moments that were natural, unforced, and uniquely beautiful. Malcolm knew intuitively how to evoke the energy and mood of each moment into his photos by always choosing the best camera angles, lighting, colors and setting. The results of his hard work far exceeded our expectations. My husband and I are so grateful that we asked Malcolm to be our photographer: not only are the photographs exceptional, but the memory of having Malcolm at our wedding is a gift in itself. Malcolm was charismatic, kind, attentive, and a ton of fun. Our friends and family are still talking about him! The combination of extreme talent and outstanding personality in Malcolm Smith makes him one of the best artists in the west, and we can't wait to work with him again."

:: Claire & Steven Mansfield

"The photographs Malcolm took at our wedding are exactly what we wanted - beautiful, unique and full of personality. Malcolm is a truly talented artist with a love of photography...and he´s a blast to work with! Every time we look through our wedding album we´re thankful he was there to capture the day so perfectly.":: Amy & Eric"We hired Malcolm to photograph our wedding because when we first met with him, we were immediately comfortable with him (which was really important to us, because it's a big deal when you have to choose people to be at your wedding, interacting with your family and friends), really impressed with pictures he had taken in the past and his overall style, and happy with the way he was willing to work with us on personalizing a "package" that suited our needs. He did a great job, everyone at the wedding commented to us later about how pleasant and fun he was to have around. When we got our pictures back, we couldn't stop looking at them- they are so great - we know we made the right choice in hiring Malcolm to help us make unforgettable memories on our wedding day!"

:: Nathan & Mindy

"Your wedding day can be a fairly stressful and busy day.  Who are we kidding?  It is a very stressful and busy day!  The last thing we wanted on our wedding day was to have to direct a photographer.  Enter Malcolm.  A better statement might be: Enter Malcolm, silently. We were busy getting ready, directing floral arrangers, caterers, etc., and we turn around to find Malcolm hard at work.  He simply knew what he needed to do.  This talent really allowed Malcolm to fade away and take photographs that truly captured the emotion of our wedding day.  That said, our posed shots look amazing, too!  The photographs that Malcolm took will help us to remember our wedding day for the rest of our lives!"

:: Rachel & Ty

"We hired Malcolm to photograph our wedding because of his extensiveportfolio. He did a delightful job and we would recommend him to anyone! His ability to be flexible with our children and family was great. We had some very specific requests and he was able to meet them.  He captured our special day for us to cherish for a lifetime."

:: Josh & Lauren

"Malcolm rocks! He was able to capture all the special moments on our wedding day. I love looking back through my photos, they seem to tell the story of the day. Not only did he take some really great posedpictures he was able to catch people and family members in their natural state. We are so grateful that we have these photos to remember this wonderful day. Thanks Malcolm!"

:: Yvonne & David

"We contacted Malcolm only 2 weeks before our ceremony and he tweaked his schedule to accommodate our late notice.  On the day of the ceremony, we were late, very late. But, Malcolm arrived on time if not early and scoped out the immediate local area finding the best locations to photograph in fall late afternoon light.  Malcolm immediately set us at ease. He got us to relax and enjoy the moment. Overall, we enjoyed Malcolm's professional style but more so his personal style to capture the memories of our blessing ceremony. We would enthusiastically recommend Malcolm to others."

:: Stephen and Brian